Citrucel Fiber Promotes Regular IBS Bowel Movements

As a person with IBS, it’s important that you include a healthy amount of fiber in your diet. Especially if you are on a restrictive diet. Citrucel fiber promotes regular bowel movements for me. And yes, even as person with IBS-D (diarrhea).

Why having Citrucel fiber for IBS is important

Due to the special low-FODMAPs diet that most people with moderate to severe IBS need to be on, many food items are automatically eliminated. That means no apples, celery, and sometimes even salad.

My own diet is very restrictive as well. Looking at what I can eat, there’s not much natural fiber in these food items. Chicken soup and rice may be a very gentle thing for a delicate IBS stomach. However, that is not a healthy balance and severely lacks in dietary fiber.

Fiber is important even for an IBS diet, which calls for low-fiber consumption. A well-balanced diet with fiber supports a healthy digestive system in the long run.

This is where a good fiber supplement comes in play.

Citrucel Fiber Promotes Regular IBS Bowel Movements

What is Citrucel fiber made of?

The first time I took a fiber supplement, I was very curious as to where exactly the fiber comes from. I associate fiber mainly with salad and things like fruits. How can they extract and concentrate all that fiber into one convenient pill?

The active ingredient in Citrucel is methylcellulose. It helps your stool become more bulky. This helps with regularity.

Methylcellulose is derived from cellulose and forms a viscous gel whenever dissolved in water.

Citrucel Fiber Promotes Regular IBS Bowel Movements Active Ingredient and Warnings

What does Citrucel fiber supplement look like?

I currently take the Citrucel¬†methylcellulose fiber in the pill format. The pill itself has a light orange hue to it. Stamped with the letters “CIT”.

From my experience, it is very easy to split the pill in half or even into quarters. I usually base my fiber supplement intake on how much fiber I have consumed that day. Then I supplement with an appropriate amount of fiber. Too much fiber can be a disaster for those with IBS-D like me.

Below you will find a picture of my Citrucel bottle with a few pills poured out on the cap. You can see the texture quite clearly.

Citrucel Fiber Promotes Regular IBS Bowel Movements Pill Actual View

How much Citrucel should I take as an IBS patient?

If you have IBS-C (primary symptom is constipation), then Citrucel fiber should be your best friend. This supplement helps maintain regularity. You will usually experience a bowel movement within 12 to 72 hours.

If you have IBS-D (primary symptom is diarrhea) like me, fiber dosage is a tricky thing. Sometimes we go to the bathroom too often, and we don’t need more bowel movements. On the other hand, our special diet restricts the appropriate consumption of food high in natural fiber. Therefore, sometimes you may be lacking in dietary fiber. This also causes issues as there may not be much bulk when you experience a bowel movement.

I usually take at least a quarter of a Citrucel caplet. They are very easy to crack into half and takes just a little bit of skill to divide it evenly into quarters. I suggest using a knife in your kitchen. Usually, I would take half a Citrucel caplet on a normal day. If I had some more high fiber food that day, I may decrease the dose into a 1/4 size.

Citrucel fiber caplets are convenient to take on the go. It can also be easily divided into half or quarter sizes depending on your fiber supplement needs of the day.

If I had a flare-up or diarrhea that day or the days before, I would skip fiber supplements for at least a few days. Just so that my sensitive system can recover before I dump more fiber for it to deal with.

Citrucel improves IBS symptoms

For me, the most noticeable thing was more bulk in my stool. This is very welcoming. Especially as a person with IBS-D. At times even with a “normal” bowel movement, my stool looks flimsy, and not much comes out. It’s that feeling of something still being there despite a bowel movement.

After I started a consistent consumption of Citrucel fiber, I had much cleaner bowel movements. Sitting on the toilet became less of a dread and more of an encouragement. In my opinion, that’s one of the best feelings for a person with IBS.

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