Control IBS Through Florastor Probiotics

Florastor is one of my favorite probiotics to take for IBS. It has unique benefits that you cannot find in other leading probiotic products. In this post, I will go into a deeper dive into what Florastor is, my experiences, and the best prices for it.

As with all probiotic supplement products, you have to be patient an give it a try. There will not be a product out there that will miraculously cure your IBS symptoms over night. If you are new to the world of IBS, and want a basic overview, I recommend visiting our IBS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

What’s Great About Florastor Probiotics

Florastor probiotic supplement is a bit unique compared to the other big-name probiotics. I am looking at you, Align and Culturelle. This is because Florastor is a yeast-based probiotic instead of bacteria-based.

Moreover, Florastor probiotics is the only probiotic product with the patented Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745 strain. This gives Florastor a few different properties compared to its competitors.

I like Florastor simply because I have been taking it almost every day for over two years now. It isn’t a magical cure for IBS. However, what I can say is that I feel better taking Florastor along with a few other probiotic products. With IBS, the “feeling better” says it all. As you are very well aware, there isn’t a silver bullet for curing IBS. The best thing you can do is to help your digestive system heal and make its job easier.

Florastor probiotics does all that and more. Below I have summarized some additional characteristics that support why this is one of my favorites.

Helps improve your digestion

Florastor probiotics encourages the production of enzymes important to digestion. These enzymes include lactose (important for digestion of dairy products), maltase, and sucrase. Don’t underestimate these enzymes now! They help you digest sugars in the food you consume, which is transported in your blood to nourish your body.

Based on some studies, it appears that Florastor probiotics also help the digestion of carbohydrates and fibers. This yeast-based probiotic encourages higher levels of fecal butyrate. The cells in our colon use this fatty acid for energy.

Since I have IBS, my digestive system is already working at a reduced percentage. I am open to any help I can get with digestion!

Withstands the strength of antibiotics

As mentioned previously, Florator probiotics is a yeast-based product, and not bacteria-based. We all know how damaging antibiotics can be to the body as it kills the bacteria in our system but also inadvertently eliminates the good ones in the process.

Florastor yeast-based bacterial strain is resistant to antibiotics and other over-the-counter drugs you may take. Providing your digestive system with beneficial bacteria at a critical time.

When you are under a course of antibiotics due to a cold or infection, protecting your gut flora is even more important. Florastor probiotics does not get killed off by antibiotics use. You can rest assured that your digestive system is supported while you are combating the infection.

Improves your immune system – yes to less colds!

Did you know that the majority of our immune system exists in our digestive tract? Crazy, right! But it’s true. I guess the age old adage is true, “you are what you eat.” Through my experiences with IBS, I would further improve that and say, “you will feel what you eat.” Especially for those with IBS.

Florastor probiotics help support proper digestion as previously mentioned. It goes further by encouraging the creation of an antibody in your digestive tract that fights infections called Immunoglobulin A (IgA). This antibody is one of the most common ones in the body.

Stores easily without refrigeration

I travel frequently across the country for work. A few of the other probiotics I take as a part of my routine (such as VSL #3) require constant refrigeration. Imagine dragging my suitcase around and while checking-in at the hotel, frantically asking the front desk if the room as a mini fridge! Such pressure isn’t welcome to a body fighting IBS.

Florastor probiotics does not require refrigeration and can easily travel with you.

Fortunately, Florastor probiotics does not require refrigeration. In fact, on my bottle’s label, it actually proudly instructs: “Do not refrigerate.” Whatever lifestyle you need or wherever work takes you, a bottle of Florastor can easily follow.

What Does Florastor Look Like?

Good question. I was curious about that myself the first time I thought about purchasing it and giving it a try. Fortunately for you, I always have a bottle of Florastor at hand.

Below you can see the actual bottle of Florastor probitoics at 100 count. The potency (strength) of this version I got is 250 mg of the Florastor yeast-based probitoic (Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745 strain). The bottle is clear and has a temper-evident seal at the top.

Florastor Probiotics Bottle Front

The Florastor probitoic capsulse themselves are pretty standard. The have the word “Florastor” inked on there with the dosage amount on the bottom.

I am a bit squeamish when it comes to pill and used to hate swallowing any capsule that I considered “big” (which most would consider small or medium, unfortunately for me). I have come a long way since then but even so, these Florastor capsules for me were easily to take orally.

Florastor Probiotics Product Bottle Back

My Personal Experience with Florastor

I first looked into Florastor about 4 months after my gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS. By this time, I had already started taking Align probiotics (the very first probiotic I took). At first, my rule with probiotics was the more the merrier. Essentially a numbers game. I wanted to get as many “good” bacteria in my system as possible.

Later on when I gained more understanding of how best to take probiotics to support IBS symptoms, I realized that it’s all about quality and the right “fit.” It seems – at least from what my digestive system was telling me overtime – that a couple quality probiotic products that I respond well to is much better than taking ten different capsules every day.

Florastor provides me with another resilient probiotic strain that helps strengthen and diversify my gut flora.

Florastor probiotics are one of the few products that responded well to my system. Now one product won’t fit everyone’s needs. However, given the fact that Florastor is one of the top-selling probiotic supplements in the world, I am not hesitating to recommend this to you as well. A quick review on merchant websites also generally show great reviews for Florastor.

Have you tried Florastor yet? Leave a comment about your experience below. I would like to learn how it impacted you and your IBS symptoms.

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