Daily IBS Diary

Living with IBS Today - IBS Diary Sunday

Living with IBS Diary – 06/17/2018

Welcome to my IBS diary. It has been a while since I posted an update as I have been busy and stressed with work. I finally found some time today to post updates on my ...
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Living with IBS Diary – 11/13/2017

I continue to fight a small cold today that developed from three days ago. Almost at full recovery though, as the remaining symptoms are light sniffles. I have also been taking a multivitamin to speed up ...
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Living with IBS Today - Fighting IBS Diet Suggestion

Living with IBS Diary – 11/11/2017

I was busy fighting a small cold yesterday. Thankfully despite the cold, I had no IBS-related symptoms. Usually when I am sick, I have digestive issues as well. It is definitely a reminder that our ...
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Living with IBS Today

Living with IBS Diary – 11/09/2017

Today was a good day with no symptoms! I took three VSL #3 capsules as well as one Align, one Florastor, and one Culturelle probiotic capsule. It's basically the first morning routine these days. Drink ...
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