Less IBS Symptoms with Align Probiotic

The probiotic I trust the most for my IBS symptoms is Align probiotic. This is one of the “big three” probiotic supplements, as I call them, that I take every morning. The other two being Florastor and Culturelle. I also down a few VSL #3 from time to time when I have them in the fridge.

My gastroenterologist highly recommended Align when I asked him which probiotic I should consider taking. He mentioned that from patient feedback, this seems to have really helped quite a few people with IBS like myself. From my research, I also discovered that studies of Align shows that it performed much better than a placebo for IBS patients over a period of two weeks. Those who took Align probiotic experienced improvements to their IBS symptoms.

Align is one of the most studied probiotics on the market backed by a money-back guarantee from Procter & Gamble.

Align contains the bacteria named Bifantis (full name Bifidobacterium infantis 35624). It provides around-the-clock support for your digestive system. Since the beneficial bacteria from Align is patented, you will not be able to get this bacterial strain anywhere else. With probiotics, it is always ideal to get at least a couple different strands of bacteria to support your digestive system.

My IBS experience with Align probiotic supplement

I started taking Align during the first few weeks I began having IBS-like symptoms. The reason why I chose Align was because a simple web search showed that it is a very popular probiotic product. In fact, it is the number one gastroenterologist recommended brand and a very popular product overall. Lots of great reviews.

The reality is that no probiotic supplement on the market would ever enable to magically feel 100% normal again. No matter the reason you are taking the probiotic in the first place. Whether it is for bad IBS diarrhea or just general digestive well-being. A probiotic supplement is not a drug or medicine. The analogy is almost like eating fruits. You can avoid all kinds of fruits for months and you will probably still be okay. However, your overall health will likely not be as good. If you eat fruits suddenly one day, you might feel “good.” But such a fruit consumption will not miraculously cure you of a disease instantaneously. Or fix a symptom you have been having this whole time. I am generalizing but you get the idea.

I find comfort in taking Align probiotics as it enhances the diversity of my gut flora as I fight to heal from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

My digestive system responded well to Align. There were no complaints. My IBS-D was under control and I felt less of a need to run to the bathroom.

What do Align probiotic capsules look like?

Below, you can see a weekly dosage “packet” that I pulled out of my box of Align. Proctor & Gamble, the makers of Align, has conveniently designed slots for each day of the week. So if today is Monday, you pop the Align capsule out of the Monday sleeve. It makes it easier to track if you took your probiotic pill today yet.

Each Align capsule dosage is exactly the same. So nothing changes if you take a Sunday one versus a Wednesday one. It’s really just there to help you keep track.

Less IBS Symptoms with Align Probiotic Weekly Packet

In the image below, you can see I popped an Align capsule out of its packaging. The photo is zoomed in so you can see what the Align pill looks like in detail. Since it is zoomed in, the image of the capsule below will look larger than it actually is.

Personally I have no trouble at all swallowing these Align capsules. There is also no weird taste after taking them.

Less IBS Symptoms with Align Probiotic Actual Capsule Pill

Do you take Align probiotics as a part of your IBS recovery? How did your digestive system react? Leave a comment below.

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