Living with IBS Diary – 06/17/2018

Welcome to my IBS diary. It has been a while since I posted an update as I have been busy and stressed with work. I finally found some time today to post updates on my IBS symptoms and new developments.

06/17/2018 IBS Diary

Recently, some of my IBS symptoms came back again. Namely, watery stool and frequently yellowish pale in color. I have been concerned and work has been busy so I think the stress was a vicious cycle for my symptoms. Sometimes it’s quite tough to deal with IBS symptoms as they can be quite mercurial and random. Based on my experience, this is another IBS flare that could last for a few days or even weeks.

In the past few months, I have completely eliminated dairy from my diet. This primarily includes milk, butter, and cheese. A tough task to accomplish as everything out there these days has some sort of dairy ingredient lurking in its recipe or ingredients list. Fortunately, there are many vegan options and other substitutes (olive oil, for example, when baking). There is always complete elimination as well, which is what I have been doing.

Besides dairy, the big two no’s for all with IBS are garlic and onions. I have been meticulous with avoiding garlic and onions. It’s likely that I have been successful in avoiding these two widely-used ingredients but sometimes it’s just near impossible to avoid them completely.

Probiotics I Took Today

Since I am currently traveling for work, I only have Align and Culturelle probiotics with me on this trip. I take one of each every morning right after I wake up. I have no access to my VSL #3, as this strong high-dosage probiotic needs to be refrigerated. VSL #3 could stay outside of refrigeration for up to three weeks and most of the beneficial bacteria would still survive. However, I would never want to risk for potency and the work trip is only a week.

How My IBS is This Week

Throughout the past few weeks (yes, weeks!), I have had watery stool that was more pale yellowish in color. It wasn’t diarrhea as my stool came out in a whole piece. However, when it’s flushed, it immediately disintegrated and mixed with the water in the toilet bowl. Hence, I termed it watery stool. Or just very soft stool. This means that food is still passing through my digestive system too fast for full and proper absorption. Today, I finally had a normal stool passage. I have been remembering to take my Vitamin D supplements, which are very important for those with IBS as many of us are actually vitamin D deficient.

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