Living with IBS Diary – 11/09/2017

Today was a good day with no symptoms!

I took three VSL #3 capsules as well as one Align, one Florastor, and one Culturelle probiotic capsule. It’s basically the first morning routine these days. Drink water and take a bunch of probiotic pills. I am taking more than usual because last week, I had a flare-up that consisted of random diarrhea every day.

Shortly after having a quick breakfast with two bananas and one Chobani yogurt, I had a normal bowel movement. This was great news considering how bad last week’s flare-up was. Funny how after getting IBS, I celebrate the things I previously cared the least about.

Greek yogurt is IBS friendly to me

Greek yogurt has been a godsend to my diet. I eat at least two a day. Despite being lactose intolerant, I can still eat yogurt like Chobani because the bacteria in the yogurt digests most of the lactose. This leaves me with the protein, calcium, and probiotics.

I then had three scrambled eggs, two strips of turkey bacon, and two Campari tomatoes. All very IBS-friendly.

Right before my noon gym weight-lifting session, I had two golden kiwis and a grapefruit. Just for that natural energy boost.

Upon my return from a very productive workout, I had chicken wings and drumsticks that I simmered in the morning before stepping out. Simply slow cooked with soy sauce, sesame oil, star anise, yellow mustard seed, and coriander seed. I also had rice from the previous day refrigerated. It was a white rice mixed with Kirkland’s organic quinoa.

Some claim that foods heavy in fiber are not IBS-friendly. I think it depends. If you are having bad IBS symptoms or flare-ups, then perhaps take a pause on that fiber. On a good day, fiber will really help your digestive system.

For dinner, I placed a whole organic chicken into my pressure cooker with a couple Campari tomatoes. I also added a lot of ginger as it is getting cold and ginger helps warm me up. Times like these make me really miss garlic and onion. If only I could throw a couple of those in my soup, it would make it so much tastier…

IBS friendly snacks

I have also been snacking on the Kirkland sweet potato chips and Cape Cod potato chips. Although some people cannot take potatoes as it gives them too much gas. It doesn’t create IBS symptoms for me at all. I think because the temperature in New York has been dropping steadily, the craving for oily and high calorie food increased proportionally. Still, since these potato chips are quite oily, I have been limiting my consumption. As much as possible. Fight against your own cravings and you get a taste of how determined you are!

Lastly, I have been snacking on the Kirkland roasted seaweed winter harvest. It’s salty, crispy, and very tasty. I am also looking for other snacks since I have been eating similar things for a while now.

Hoping for another good day tomorrow.

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