Living with IBS Diary – 11/11/2017

I was busy fighting a small cold yesterday.

Thankfully despite the cold, I had no IBS-related symptoms. Usually when I am sick, I have digestive issues as well. It is definitely a reminder that our immune system and digestive system are basically one of the same. All connected.

For some people, when they take cold medicine (or pharmaceutical drugs in general) they get some kind of digestive distress. That may be another way IBS gets in the way of our lives. Fortunately, I have not experienced that yet. The best way to avoid taking drugs at all is to ensure a diet high in vitamin C and zinc. I usually take a multivitamin while maintaining my usual consumption of fruits.

Probiotics I took today

I took one Align, one Florastor, and one Culturelle probiotic capsule this morning. No VSL #3 capsules for me today as I am running low on them. If I had to be honest, I am also getting tired of replacing these expensive VSL #3 bottles. Each time they run me almost $50 per bottle. With probiotics, it’s hard to feel a difference in the short term, if at all.

You can see my review on VSL #3 here.

Food I ate today with no IBS symptoms

My IBS-friendly diet was a bit different today. Since I am sick, I actually started my morning with some chicken soup I made two days ago (the diary post here). I used a whole organic chicken along with tomatoes, pressure cooker with a couple Campari tomatoes, ginger, and some sprinkles of organic pine nuts.

Everything was placed in the pressure cooker for 50 minutes. Since I added a generous amount of ginger, the soup was a bit spicy but very good for the cold weather.

I also had golden kiwi, bananas, and grapefruit. My stomach seems to be happy with these during the past few months. It could also tolerate any berries and pineapple well.

For dinner, I made another simmered soy sauce chicken. The same as the dish I made two days ago. It involves chicken wings (first and second portion) with soy sauce, sesame oil, star anise, yellow mustard seed, and coriander seed. Who said having IBS eliminates flavorful dishes? I also made rice mixed with Kirkland’s organic quinoa. A basic rice cooker does a good job with this mix. Quinoa provides a good source of protein and fiber without any IBS symptoms for me.

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