Living with IBS Diary – 11/13/2017

I continue to fight a small cold today that developed from three days ago. Almost at full recovery though, as the remaining symptoms are light sniffles. I have also been taking a multivitamin to speed up the recovery process with a blast of vitamin C and zinc.

Probiotics I took today

I took one Align, one Florastor, and a cople VSL #3 capsules today in the late afternoon. I had forgotten to take them in the morning before breakfast. Usually I take probiotic supplements first thing in the morning before the digestive system starts working at full speed. That helps decrease the digestion of the good bacteria in the stomach until it hits the small and large intestines.

Fruit smoothie caused IBS diarrhea

Unfortunately, I had diarrhea today. It happened about two hours after I ambitiously enjoyed a fruit smoothie. Since I am still trying to recover fully from the cold, I had a frozen pineapple, blueberry, lime, and almonds smoothie. However, I think the almonds may have been too much fiber for me all at once.

After drinking a fruit smoothie blended with almonds, I had diarrhea from my IBS due to what was likely excessive fiber.

In the late afternoon, I felt pain and heightened movement in my stomach. I knew something wasn’t right and suspected it may have been the smoothie. Suddenly, I had an urgency to run to the bathroom and that’s when I had watery diarrhea.

With my bowel movement, the grey clouds cleared and my digestive system felt normal again. There was no more stomach pain from the diarrhea. Typically with diarrhea caused by one particular thing that I consumed, it quickly clears as long as it leaves my system.

I also had golden kiwi, bananas, and grapefruit today. My stomach seems to be happy with these during the past few months. It could also tolerate any berries and pineapple well. However, perhaps next time I won’t add too many almonds in there. Or drink my smoothie too fast. It seems that my digestive system is still quite delicate these days.

For dinner, I heated up a rice noodle dish from a takeout Chinese restaurant. It had pieces of chicken, white cabbage, bean sprouts, and curry flavors.

Hopefully I can have a normal bowel movement tomorrow.

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