Powerful VSL #3 Probiotics That Shatter IBS Symptoms

VSL #3 probiotics is the strongest probiotic supplement I have ever taken. This probiotic is listed as a “medical food” and contains¬†about 112.5 billion bacteria per capsule. VSL ##3 probiotic is made by a company called Sigma-Tau Healthscience in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Other popular probiotic products (i.e. Align, Florastor, and Culturelle) contain much, much less of an amount than this. Each Align probiotic capsule, for example, only contains about 1 billion bacteria when manufactured. If just comparing the products numerically by bacteria count, each VSL #3 capsule offers over a hundred times more beneficial bacteria than Align.

VSL #3 provides high probiotic doses that help IBS gut flora imbalance

Personally, VSL #3 is one of the main probiotic supplements that I take to help control my IBS symptoms and help my gut heal. I did experience a drastic improvement on my diarrhea symptoms during the first month that I tried VSL #3.

After taking VSL #3 for a couple of weeks, I noticed improvements to my IBS-D symptoms. I had less diarrhea and less audible intestinal movements.

The improvement started to be less distinct after a few months – I guess my digestive system got used to it. This seems to happen to many probiotic supplements when it first hits your system. You feel much better the first few weeks you take it but then the improvements in IBS symptoms start to wane a bit as time passes.

Powerful VSL #3 Probiotics That Shatter IBS Symptoms Product Front Panel

What I want you to be aware of is the price for this probiotic. It is certainly much more expensive when compared to some of the other probiotic supplements that I am concurrently taking.

VSL #3 also requires refrigeration. This means that if you travel frequently, you cannot just throw this in your bag like a Florastor or Align probiotic. Each VSL #3 probiotic capsule is also a little bigger than the other leading probiotics that I have tried. Nothing too difficult, though. Just slightly bigger.

In case you are someone who has trouble swallowing pills, you may also remove the capsule and mix the powder with a cup of liquid. VSL #3 works fine even without the capsules themselves.

What made me start using VSL #3 probiotics

After I was diagnosed with IBS, I spent countless hours trying to find the best remedy. All the probiotic options out there are overwhelming and mind-boggling. There is definitely a lot of scam out there about supplements in general, and probiotics isn’t an exception.

Practically speaking, it is challenging to know what they actually put in the capsules. As an added challenge to those suffering from IBS, it is important that these probiotics are “dead” bacteria. The manufacturing process, quality of the bacteria (or yeast), and shipment process (temperature), could all impact the potency of the product.

My gastroenterologist highly recommended VSL #3 and claimed that many IBS patients like me witnessed symptoms improvement.

My primary care physician and gastroenterologist both recommended VSL #3 probiotics. They claimed that VSL #3 will help improve my IBS symptoms. For a while now, it definitely has. I am happy with this product.

What’s Inside a VSL #3 probiotics capsule?

Good question. That is what I wondered as well the first time I thought about buying it. Given the price, I wanted to know if there was anything in VSL #3 that made it so special. Months after taking the VSL #3 probiotic almost daily, I can tell you that it’s really the potency that makes this product special.

The beneficial bacteria in VSL #3 probiotics include:

  • Bifidobacterium longum (B. lactis), breve, and infantis (B. lactis).
  • Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus¬†(L. helveticus), acidophilus, paracasei, and plantarum.
  • Streptococcus thermophilus.

Other ingredients include:

  • Hydroxylpropylmethylcellulose (HPMC vegetarian capsule).
  • Cornstarch.
  • Magnesium stearate.
  • Silicon dioxide.
  • Stearic acid.
  • Microcrystalline cellulose.

Instructions on how to take VSL #3 probiotics

You can see in the bottle of VSL #3 I have below that the dosage information has a large range. One to 16 capsules every day! You must be thinking, how many should I take and why is there such a large range?

VSL #3 may be expensive but you are paying for a much higher dosage when compared to other leading probiotic products.

Since VSL #3 is a probiotic supplement, there really isn’t much guidance to how much bacteria your digestive system “needs.” In a way, you cannot really overdose on probiotics. Still, you cannot just take the whole bottle, for example. That would wreck havoc to your digestive system. Everything in moderation, even if you are struggling with debilitating IBS symptoms.

I usually take about two or three VSL #3 capsules every morning.

Powerful VSL #3 Probiotics That Shatter IBS Symptoms Back Panel Description Instructions

What do VSL #3 capsules look like?

Lucky you I have my bottle right here. I poured out three capsules onto the bottle’s cap.

You can see below that the capsules themselves are transparent. Allowing you to see the powder that is inside where all the beneficial bacteria is in their powdered and dormant form.

Powerful VSL #3 Probiotics That Shatter IBS Symptoms Actual Capsules View

Have you tried VSL #3 before? What has your experience been like?

Comment below with any thoughts or questions.


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